Technical Entities


The main entity is the product which,

  • has values,
  • belongs to a family,
  • is positioned in many categories.

Product value

Each product value is linked to a product and an attribute.

The product data model is structured as Entity - Attribute - Value.


An attribute defines the type and the properties of a value.

Native types are:

  • identifier, ex: the SKU
  • text, ex: the name
  • text-area, ex: the description
  • simple select, ex: the size with values S, M, L
  • multi select, ex: the color with values red, blue, purple
  • price collection, ex: the price
  • number, ex: the number of processors
  • boolean, ex: has a promotion
  • date, ex: the end of a promotion
  • file, ex: a technical doc attachment
  • image, ex: a thumbnail
  • metric, ex: a length

Each type of attribute supports some general and dedicated properties.

An attribute with an activated localized property has different values for each locale, eg: French and English

A scoped attribute has different value for each channel, eg: e-commerce and mobile

An attribute can be localized and scoped, and therefore have different values for each combination of locale and channel, eg: e-commerce - French, e-commerce English, etc.

Family and Completeness

The family defines the list of attributes of a product, you can also add some optional attributes for a dedicated product.


Except the identifier attribute (usually the SKU), there is no required attribute for a product.

An attribute is expected for a channel, for instance, description can be required for e-commerce but not for mobile.

The product completeness is calculated for each channel and locale combination.