How to Update Non-Product Objects


The Akeneo PIM project introduces services to help you manage your business objects.

The update of an object can be done through the usage of classic setters directly on the model.

The version 1.4 introduces a new internal API to simplify these updates, it especially helps when you need to change relations between objects because it relies on unique code of related objects.

These updaters implement Akeneo\Component\StorageUtils\Updater\ObjectUpdaterInterface to apply a set of property updates on an object.

We strongly recommend using this internal API for your developments, and here are a few examples on how to use these dedicated updaters.


The updater does not validate and save the products in the database, these operations are done by the Validator and the Saver (detailed in specific chapters).

We aim to respect the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) in our classes, feel free to use these different services through a Facade if it helps your developments.

Use the AttributeUpdater to Update an Attribute

Here we can apply several property updates on any field of an attribute.

$updater = $this->getContainer()->get('pim_catalog.updater.attribute');
$fieldUpdates = [
    'labels'        => ['en_US' => 'Test1', 'fr_FR' => 'Test2'],
    'group'         => 'marketing',
    'attributeType' => 'pim_catalog_text'
$this->updater->update($attribute, $fieldUpdates);

Use the FamilyUpdater to Update a Family

Here we can apply many property updates on any field of a family.

$updater = $this->getContainer()->get('');
$fieldUpdates = [
    'code'                => 'mycode',
    'attributes'          => ['sku', 'name', 'description', 'price'],
    'attribute_as_label'  => 'name',
    'requirements'        => [
        'mobile' => ['sku', 'name'],
        'print'  => ['sku', 'name', 'description'],
    'labels'              => [
        'fr_FR' => 'Moniteurs',
        'en_US' => 'PC Monitors',
$this->updater->update($family, $fieldUpdates);

Use the CategoryUpdater to Update a Category

Here we can apply several property updates on any field of a category.

$updater = $this->getContainer()->get('pim_catalog.updater.category');
$fieldUpdates = [
    'code'         => 'mycode',
    'parent'       => 'master',
    'labels'       => [
        'fr_FR' => 'Ma superbe catégorie',
$this->updater->update($category, $fieldUpdates);


The same approach is used for other business objects, to learn all the updatable fields you can take a look at our Specs, for instance, spec\Pim\Component\Catalog\Updater\CategoryUpdaterSpec