This chapter describes how to upgrade from a patch or minor version to a more recent one.

As a prerequisite, we assume that you are using a project installed from a Community Standard (Installation).

Patch Version

We frequently release patch versions, in order to provides security and bug fixes.

When fixing these issues, we take extreme care to avoid any backward compatibility break.

In the following example, Akeneo PIM version 1.4.8 has just been released and we are using an Akeneo PIM version 1.4.7.

You can check the CHANGELOG-1.4.md which lists the changes provided by each version.

Community Edition

Run the composer update command:

php composer.phar --prefer-dist update

Double check in the output of this command that the 1.4.8 version has been fetched, you can also check it by using the following command:

php composer.phar licenses

Then clean the cache, re-install assets and warmup the cache:

rm -rf app/cache/* ./web/bundles/* ./web/css/* ./web/js/*
app/console --env=prod pim:installer:assets
app/console --env=prod cache:warmup

If the patch is a javascript fix, please clear your browser cache before testing.


We set any other dependencies to their exact patch versions to avoid compatibility issues. We strongly advise you to add the composer.lock in your versioning system.

Enterprise Edition

In your enterprise standard project, the composer.json will reference both community and enterprise bundles repositories.

To upgrade, please change the composer.json to:

    "akeneo/pim-enterprise-dev": "1.4.8",
    "akeneo/pim-community-dev": "1.4.8",

We always tag both community and enterprise versions with aligned version numbers, be sure to use the exact same version for CE and EE, for instance, a EE 1.4.8 fix may depend on CE 1.4.8.

Using the exact patch version will avoid any local composer cache issue.

Then follow the same process as the one for the community edition:

rm -rf app/cache/*
app/console --env=prod pim:installer:assets
app/console --env=prod cache:warmup

Minor Version

We release minor versions every 6 months, these versions bring new features.

Depending on these features and on the custom code you’ve added in your project, the migration can be more or less straightforward.

Each release is provided with a migration guide and a set of scripts to automate it as much as possible.

We continue to improve this process to make every new migration easier than the previous one.

Here are the migration guides:

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Standard Enterprise Edition (EE) archives are now available on a dedicated portal: https://partners.akeneo.com/. You will be able to download your EE archive directly from it. If you do not have access to this interface, please contact your please contact your Customer Success or Channel Manager.

Then, follow the migration guides located in your archive to upgrade your project.

  • From EE v1.0 to EE v1.3: UPGRADE-1.3.md
  • From EE v1.3 to EE v1.4: UPGRADE-1.4.md
  • From CE v1.4 to EE v1.4: UPGRADE-CE-1.4-EE-1.4.md
  • From EE v1.4 to EE v1.5: UPGRADE-1.5.md