Bug qualification

Bug qualification is a very important step. The more relevant information you will provide, the more valuable help you will get.


  • If you are an Enterprise Edition Client, be aware that the bug qualification is required when you submit a ticket on our helpdesk.
  • This step is important as well if you are a Community Edition user and if you decide to share your issue on our Slack user group, our GitHub repository, or our forum.



As a prerequisite, make sure you completed all the steps described in our First aid kit.

Frontend bugs

Frontend bugs are JavaScript or display related issues.

What to do?

  • Use your browser buit-in developer tools to get more precise error messages and to debug javascript code step by step.
  • A frontend error can occur because the backend encountered an error, use the network tab of the developer tools to see if it’s the case or not.
  • The PIM can send many types of AJAX requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE...), make sure the server is configured to accept all of them.

Backend bugs

Backend bugs are issues which occur on the server side (PHP/Symfony code, database...).

What to do?

  • Use the Symfony buit-in developer tools (the debug toolbar and the profiler).
  • Use the Symfony and PIM built-in debug commands (to see them, use the command php app/console without any arguments).
  • Use the tools of your integrated development environment to debug the code step by step.
  • Analyze the error messages provided in the Symfony’s log files /path/to/your/pim/app/logs/prod.log or /path/to/your/pim/app/logs/dev.log
  • Take a look at the PHP error log file.


If the web debug toolbar is not displayed in dev environment, you can retrieve the link in X-Debug-Token-Link header of request.

Tasks bugs

Tasks bugs are issues which occur when running the PIM jobs, like mass edit, import, export... (The way to qualify could be a bit different than pure backend bugs).

What to do?

  • Analyze the error messages provided in the following file /path/to/your/pim/app/logs/batch_execute.log
  • Launch the command out of the PIM with the tools of your integrated development environment php app/console akeneo:batch:job <batch_name> <additional_params>
  • Check the to do list of the “Backend bugs” section.

Performances issues

When you notice slownesses, displaying pages and/or during import/exports, you are probably experiencing a performance issue.

What to do?

  • Use the Symfony’s profiler timeline tab to identify what part of the execution takes most of the time.
  • Use blackfire.io in order to profile the requests which take too much time.
  • Use MySQL built in “SHOW PROCESSLIST” query to identify queries which take too long to run (See: MySQL documentation: SHOW PROCESSLIST Syntax).
  • Use MEMINFO to analyse memory leak issues (See: MEMINFO GitHub repository).

Reporting the bug

With the information you have gathered, you can now Report an issue.